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how it works

the process

enlighten aims at connecting public organizations / private companies with researchers from universities.this to ensure that you as an employee or leader get access to new and relevant knowledge presented by a researcher. here is what to do:

1) make a request: if you are interested in inviting a researcher to your organization to present their newest research, make a request by clicking at the button above.

2) accept the offer: within 3 days, enlighten has found a relevant academic researcher to present in your organization and now it's up to you to accept the offer.

3) enjoy the presentation: enlighten ensures a smooth process by handling contract and payment. now it's time for you and your colleagues to enjoy the presentation by a knowledgeable researcher. 

for practitioners

if you are interested in making a request for a researcher, please click at the request button at the top of the page.describe as best as you can what the requested subject of the presentation is.decide what parametres are fixed: the date, the price, the subject, or academic seniority of the researcher. 

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for researchers

if you are a passionated researcher, interested in giving presentations on your subject field, please contact enlighten directly.enlighten strives to create the best match each time and we are more than happy to hear about you and your academic subject field. please, fill out the form and we will contact you.

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for partnerships

if you are looking for more than one researcher, or more than a 60-minutes presentation, or you have another kind of request, you might be more interested in parnering up with us. then please contact us directly. 

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our mission

we are passionate about bridging the world of academia with the world of practitioners. enlighten is built with the aim of creating that bridge by letting practitioners getting access to and being enlightened by knowledgeable researchers, through a smooth process. 

striving to enlighten practitioners through subject matter presentations by academic researchers


there's no such thing as a stupid question, so please reach out if you have any.