we want to enlighten people

our story

enlighten was founded in 2020 but our story starts way earlier. the idea for enlighten origins from the time when the founder signe was employed as an industrial researcher. having employment in both worlds, at a university and in a corporate organization, she realized that the two worlds almost lived separate lives, rarely bumping into each other. however, while experiencing first hand the interest from both parties in cooperating and learning from each other, she saw a huge potential in bridging the two worlds. since then, we have strived to create that bridge.

we believe in research and we believe that there is an untapped potential in getting more research out in society

we aim at bridging the world of practitioners with the world of academic researchers

our mission

we are passionated about bridging the world of academia with the world of practitioners. enlighten is built with the aim of creating that bridge by letting practitioners getting access to and being enlightened by knowledgable researchers, through a smooth process. 

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