how it works


if you want to book a researcher, click the button below and fill in the form. 


within 3 days, we will find a match and you decide whether to accept or decline the offer.


after accepting, we handle the contract and the payment process, and you can lean back and enjoy being enlightened by a researcher.

step 1

making a request

you might be looking for a presenter to inspire a group of people.or you might be looking for a subject matter within a certain field. no matter what, you have come to the right place. click at the button and start a new request. please, be as specific as you can. you are not committed until you accept the offer. 

step 2

accepting the offer

based on your request, you will wihtin 3 business days receive what we think is the best match for you. you decide whether you want to accept the offer. to ensure a smooth proces for both parties, we encourage you to accept or decline the offer wihtin a week. 

the price for a 60-minute presentation by a knowledgable researcher is between dkk 3000-10000 ex. moms. This includes a process fee. 

step 3

the presentation

after accepting the offer, we handle the contract in both ends by letting you know when and where to sign. in the same way, we are in charge of the payment process. further, we make sure that you have all needed info about the researcher so you are able to settle on practicalities such as technical equipment and have a brief meeting to match expectations before the presentation takes place. it is now time to lean back and enjoy being enlightened by the researcher. 


looking for a partnership?

if you are looking for more than one presenter, you might be more interested in partnering with us. if you for example are in charge of a conference or a series of presentations. then please, contact us and we can have a dialogue about the possibilities.